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Comprehensive Fleet Managment
What do you get
With our Fleet Management Program?
At Van Horn, we understand that your time is valuable; and managing your work vehicles can be a hassle. We want to keep you on the job, and focused on what you do best. We will provide you with a dedicated representative who will oversee the lifecycle of your fleet vehicles – from purchase, to maintenance and everything in between, our goal is to keep your business running. Maximize your fleet's performance with expert management and maintenance solutions. Improve efficiency and cut costs starting today.
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Fleet Management
Program Benefits
  • Priority Service 
    Loaner Vehicles
  • Certified mechanics and 
    Factory Parts
    Oil For Life
    Access to upfits and 
What We Offer
Management Services
We bring a comprehensive approach to Fleet Management and Maintenance to ensure the seamless operation of your vehicle-related needs. Our expertise extends across various facets, including formulating effective inventory strategies to optimize your resources. Our dedicated team ensures a streamlined approach, guaranteeing that your fleet operates at peak performance. With our Fleet Management and Maintenance services, you can trust us to navigate the complexities, leaving you free to focus on your core business objectives.
Inventory Strategy
Vehicle Purchase
Trade Appraisals
Financing Options
Insurance Relations
Warranty Claims
Vehicle Maintenance
How It Works
Cycling Process
Initial Meeting
On-Site Meeting
Build Custom Plan
Quarterly Goal Meeting
Happy man shaking hands with salesperson in car showroom.
Learn about your business
Outline current vehicle needs
Identify likes/dislikes of current fleet
Explore maintenance cycle
Fleet Vehicles Check up
Meet at your location
Review current vehicles
Understand business workflow
Survey your vehicle needs
Discuss future growth
Set goals
Busy dealership person or boss focuses on computer with paperwork, surrounded by laptop, documents, and car salesman with invoice, quote, and financial report for retail or transportation industry.
Research trade value of oldest units
Build new vehicle order options
Set up 6-month, 12-month and 18-month plan
Outline service/maintenance plan
Arrange billing process
Business agent discussing car dealership contract with client, car shop in background.
In-person consultation
Review fleet management plan
Discuss improvements
Status update for vehicles on order
Place orders for additional units
Review service/maintenance cycle
View Detailed Cycling Process
What Customers are Saying
  • "We had rim damage at 2:00am during a snow storm on one of our dump trucks. A quick call to Nick and he was able to take a spare tire from one of their loaner vehicles allowing the truck to finish the job for the rest of the day. This really showcased Van Horn's Fleet Management's dedicated service to us and that relationship we have with them."
    Joe Sell | Landmark Landscapes
  • "We had an instance where a van was down for a number of months waiting on parts. The Van Horn Fleet Management team was able to provide a loaner vehicle for the duration of that time, as well as provide an attractive trade-in appraisal on that vehicle. That is just unheard of at most other dealerships, and for that we are grateful to be partners with Van Horn Fleet Management.
    Tony Schwaller | Paceline Construction
Fleet Management
Telematic Solutions
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Fleetio Telematic Solutions
A simple alternative to spreadsheets and outdated software — designed to help you automate fleet operations and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly.
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OnStar Telematic Solutions
Your virtual crystal ball. A telematics tool that gives you the confidence to safely and easily manage your vehicles while giving you new perspectives on your business.
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From The Experts
Fleet Management Insights
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Q2 2024 | Bailment Pool Update

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April 1, 2024
Q2 | 2024 Ford Update

Ford Fleet ordering is currently available to customers without any interruptions. We regret to inform you that the supply of Transit vans and Super duties […]

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April 1, 2024
Q2 | 2024 RAM Update

Ram is pleased to announce that its fleet order banks are still open and they are accepting new orders. The company is gradually resuming scheduling […]

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